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Pink Army

Camouflage dress
$14 – bangonthetrend.co.uk

Shoe Republic LA open toe flat
$24 – beyondtherack.com

Marc by Marc Jacobs pink jewelry
$120 – neimanmarcus.com


Daily fashion fix

Pink is so pale

Hi weird world, its time for another outfit inspiration. I call this one “pink is so pale”.

This is a great look for going to church. Its modest and its fun and cute.

This look is for the fashionista that loves pink, but she might not love hot pink. Sometimes its great when pink is so pale.

H M yellow cut out dress
$47 – hm.com

Pierre Hardy floral print sandals
$580 – net-a-porter.com

ALDO pink crossbody

Vince camuto necklace

Ray-Ban orange sunglasses
$180 – mytheresa.com

The weirdness of the Joker


Hey weird world, I want to make a different kind of post. I normally speak peace and love and I don’t condone his behavior but I want to talk about the joker.

The joker may be one of the most misunderstood villains. The joker in my opinion is not just a cruel heartless killer, he is a methodical genius. In the movies he is portrayed as an “agent of chaos” and a wild anarchist with no real plan. 

In reality he did have a plan, he had a great master plan to disrupt order in Gotham. One thing I think he wanted to do was to prove to batman and the rest of the city that nothing is worth saving. The joker represents that shadow side of us that we repress for the sake of social conformity. It is not okay to do the things the joker did but he did them anyways and its safe to say he did not conform to the rest of society. You have to admit, that kind of person is somewhat fascinating. 

I don’t agree with the actions of the joker, however somehow his actions make sense in his own weird twisted way. 

Could you imagine if the joker used all his intelligence to do something positive? What if instead of being the ultimate evil he was the ultimate good?

I’m a person that sees the good in everyone, I can even see some good in the joker. I’m just a weirdo that has weird thoughts tho, I just like to imagine a good joker versus a bad one.

I’m not saying he’s a good guy, however he is an interesting and intelligent being. He’s weird and he likes it, and a secret part of me likes him.

The joker is more than a gun waving lunatic. He’s a leader, he’s charismatic, and he’s not concerned with what people think if him. He is a non conformist……….he just happens to be homicidal at the same time. 

I just wanted to share my thought, thoughts from a weirdo thinking out loud. 

Peace and love.

Daily fashion fix


Hey weird beautiful people I have a new look to debut today. I call this look awesomely abstract because it’s truly a work of art.

I love the pattern and the colors, and paired with the shoes……this look is everything. 

This is perfect look to wear during the day or in the evening. It’s ultra classy, chic, and artistic. This is for the fashionista that’s not afraid to be awesomely abstract.

Shopping info:

My best friend’s Graduation

me and ness1

Hey weird people, its me again with another weird blog post.  Graduation season recently passed and even tho i’m late I still have to blog about my best friends graduation.

My most beautiful friend Vanessa A.K.A Nessa graduated at the end of May 2015. Her graduation is a big deal to me because I’ve seen my best friend grow over the years. She put 110% into college and it paid off for her. She is not only smart but she is beautiful, AND talented. I just want to share with the whole world why hers was the best graduation ever.

First thing I want you all to know about her is that she made her own graduation outfit!!!! She received a general engineering degree but you would think she went to fashion school as good as her dress looked.  She wanted to look classy, educated and fashionable so she began working on her outfit pictured below.


It came out great and it fit her flawlessly, she defiantly looked the part on her big day. Getting to the graduation wasn’t so glamorous due to heavy traffic and the heat of summer. Once I got inside I found my friends and we were all able to sit together, so of course it was a perfect selfie moment.


The graduation itself moved slow and was little boring, only because we were so ready to hear her name so we could cheer really loudly. It worked out so that her family was right behind us so we all gave a really loud extended cheer. After that we were just filled with excitement and so ready to hug our friend. After about 100 other graduates walked by we finally saw her, I snapped this pic super fast and then followed her and the crowd out.


Of course when we got outside I was able to get a better pic of this beautiful friend of mines. She was slaying that red lipstick!!!!


We stayed outside and took selfies and gave hugs for about 10 minuets then we were off to go eat dinner with the family. It was a great experience, it was the best graduation ever. Nessa’s graduation is proof that you can be successful against the odds.  Sometimes we have to swim upstream to achieve greatness, she worked hard and stayed focused. She truly inspired me and made me proud. Our circumstances should not define us, look at my friend and understand that you can also beat the odds.

So I challenge you all to rise and overcome whatever is holding you back. Don’t make excuses, don’t be afraid of hard work and know that if you believe it you can achieve it. There is no such thing as impossible, and if anybody says you cant do it, the do it anyway on purpose!!!!

IMG_1579Peace and Love.

Daily fashion fix

Hey weirdos im back!!!! Ive been gone for a while but im back with a killer new look for you today. This look was totally inspired by one of my good friends. As we all know marriage was made legal for some couples that couldn’t get married before because it was illegal. Theres a celebrate pride movement on FB and I just wanted to celebrate too.

I call this look “Loud and Proud” for the fun fearless female ready to celebrate pride. Ive always liked the rainbow colors, and I designed this outfit to be colorful like the rainbow.

This look can be easily created, the key is to find a solid color dress and accessorize with rainbow accessories. This is a look for the fashionista that is loud and proud and ready to celebrate.

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